does drinking too much alcohol form your penis smaller?

I heard from a freind that if you drink too much alchohol your penis becomes smaller. True?
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Can a penis really be broken?

If it were true I would have no dick at all ... lol

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yes! so hang on to drinking till it disappears.

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I have actually heard that rumour since but dout very much thats true. Cigarettes can cause a growth stump to your penis though. Drinking lots of alcohol will put ya weight on and some associates say this can make your penis look smaller.

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Well, if youre too drunk it might not function, but even that'll ratify.

No. You have stupid friends.


so what happens when you blood cell that carry oxygen start to stick together and therefore can't transport oxygen very efficently. That is why you start to get the impression drunk because your brain isn't getting enough oxygen among a few other processes. So your penis won't shrink, but it won't be able to be at it's healthiest because the cells within your penis won't be getting proper amounts of oxygen to be at optimum working condition.

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What a bull:dump that friend. Cubes

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